Terms of Use… A Reminder

Just a reminder for our readers to take a moment to review our “terms of use” for this site.  I want to specifically point to a couple of things:

* All comments on this blog, except those made by contributing authors, will be moderated. Again, if you attack another person or make a slanderous, libelous, or defamation of character comment, that comment will not be released for public consumption.

* We post links to a great deal of online articles and resources. Let’s be clear. We have absolutely no control over other writers’ content or belief system when we publish a post containing a link. Go at your own risk but go because we recommended it and we found value in it at the moment. Obviously there was something in it we thought was worthy and it caught our eye. Please do not hold us responsible for what other people write or think either in the future or in the past. We are only responsible for our own individual selves.

* We are not responsible for items written in the comment section. If the moderator finds it offensive, it will be deleted. If you find a comment offensive or find it offensive that comments are moderated, send us an e-mail and it will be taken under advisement. We believe everyone has free speech, even if we disagree with what they say, they have the right to say it. Free speech goes both ways, however, so personal attacks are not allowed against our guests.

The hardest part for me is separating comments about “public officials” or those in public domain. I believe we have the right to raise concerns about elected officials, but sometimes the comments cross the line.  I’m talking about the five thousand nine hundred and twenty three comments … the same comment over and over … that came in last night and were stuck in moderation.  I will not release them because they attack someone not in public office.  In fact, I plan to go back and find earlier comments where civilian names were named and delete those as well.

Consider this the heads up.

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