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Before I paste the city contact info, I want to just say that the response to last week’s flooding from LaVergne for LaVergne has been incredible.  Consider this… we had a command center set up almost immediately.  When the roads were flooded, the safety of our residents was made top priority so no one was allowed to drive through the high waters.  There were no deaths in LaVergne.  Yes there was property loss, but OUR CITY was first in the county to turn in estimated damage reports so that FEMA could move in quickly once Rutherford County received presidential approval.  We may be knuckleheads in other areas, but the disaster response work has been AMAZING.  So thank you LaVergne and all the citizen volunteers for the hours you spent helping others.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.  From the city,

The City Codes, Public Works, and Storm Water departments are here to assist citizens with their cleanup and rebuild needs.

Codes Department
If your structure suffered damage due to the flooding; please contact the Codes Department at 213-2624 to see if permits are needed for repairs.

Public Works Department
If you need assistance getting brush or damaged house hold goods to a collection center, but can get it to the road.  Please notify Public Works at 798-9891 to schedule a pickup.

Storm Water Department
If you need to report issues with your storm drains; please contact the City Storm Water department at 793-7339.

Office hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

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