Call 355-3000 for Assistance

From an email via the city, if you want to receive emergency assistance, but are nervous about being scammed, the CORRECT number to call is 355-3000.

If you call, you will be directed to the Police Department which in turn transfers to the Civic Auditorium, where Box 100 has set up a location for those who need help and those who wish to donate.

Angie Mayes also said, “People need to start stopping by the Civic to pick up items. They are going to have to close shop on Friday because we have rentals in the building, beginning on Saturday. The faster people stop by the better. The building is packed with items (clothing, household supplies, etc.). I don’t want these things to go to waste.”

Finally, there’s a flood video “floating” around on Youtube according to the Ms. Mayes and the mayor that has some information about getting help under “LaVergne flooding.” I looked, but didn’t see anything. If anyone else finds it, please comment and we’ll link to it.

By the way, the signs with THAT number are the ones I was worried about before!  Glad to know it’s okay to call the numbers!!

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