News Roundup: Federal Disaster & Editorial

How can bad news actually be good news?  In this case, it’s very very good news that Rutherford County last night made FEMA’s federal disaster list.  This means that people stricken by the flood here in LaVergne and throughout the county will be eligible for federal aid… hopefully monetary… to rebuild.

I know I’ve already thanked several people (and I’m still waiting for names to thank others), but I did want to mention that I stopped by the Civic Auditorium earlier this week and picked up cleaning supplies for my friend.  The Box 100 people who were staffing the aid center were extremely kind and helpful.  The many people in our community who kindly offer their services to those in need are always ready to help… not just during this one major emergency.  The generosity of these individuals to assist complete strangers  actually chokes me up a little.  We want all of you to know that even if you’re not mentioned by name here, your work is not unrecognized.  Your spirit and kindness are a blessing and we are so grateful you are a part of LaVergne.

But federal help is coming. According to the article, Rutherford County’s losses were about $13.5 million and I’ve heard that about $11-12 million of that was from LaVergne.  Here’s the info from the DNJ.

The disaster declaration makes a range of assistance available for individuals, including grants for home repairs, funding for temporary housing and other major flood-related expenses, according to a press release from U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon.

Shifting gears…  The DNJ also wrote an editorial about our city management.   I suspect the VERY vocal comments in the article about the H.R. director being fired caught the attention of the editorial board (the rant and other comments were removed by the DNJ though some of us managed to retain copies).  Here’s how the editorial begins,

The firing of La Vergne’s human resources director less than three months after she took the post can be traced to one problem: poor management.

That, in turn, can be linked to the La Vergne Board of Mayor and Aldermen’s failure to hire a city administrator who can fulfill the requirements of the job.

Have a sunny Friday, LaVergne.

Photo by me from yesterday.
It was too awesome not to share.  🙂

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