And Now the Cleanup

I spent most of today helping one of my friends clean up from the this weekend’s flooding. She lives in the Madison Square subdivision in one of the houses that had the severe damage.

I want to thank Senna Mosley for helping us to secure a hugely discounted storage space.  Even in the chaos of working with county and state officials to assess the damage for FEMA, she took a few moments to make some phone calls and help.  Talk about someone whose actions speak louder than words!

Also my gratitude to Kathy Knauss, the manager of A+ Storage, for her generosity and helpfulness during this time.  If you ever need a storage facility you know I’d recommend them because their heart really did seem to be in helping people from the community. They are located on Murfreesboro Road just past Fergus Road and they can be reached at 223-0700 and their email is lavergne (at) aplustorage (dot) com.

I also want to express my appreciation to Duskin Shelly, a Box 100 volunteer who came to our aid;  and This is LaVergne reader and liker of the fan page Craig Freeman.  Craig used to do flooring work, so he had the tools and the energy to finish removing the ruined parquet in the entry hall and the vinyl in the kitchen and bathroom. He said he’d be back tomorrow to work in the dining room.  Also thanks to Damien Garrett, Stephen Hale, and my own Hillary & Melissa for helping us move furniture to the storage facility.  You prove that you don’t have to be old to be awesome.  Heh.

I know there are HUNDREDS of others who have worked tirelessly these last few days.  Duskin said he works with an entire team that also helped clear out Opryland Hotel upon evacuation trying to save as much as they could.  For example, the Red Cross came by today and brought my friend and her family pizza, cleaning supplies, and took their information down for FEMA.  The reporter from Channel 4 was across the street doing a story on the aftermath in LaVergne … we didn’t talk to him and I sure hope he didn’t accidentally get any video shots of yours truly since I looked HORRIBLE today … sweaty, hair a mess, and my flabulous neon bright legs sticking out of my shorts. ANYWAY, while it’s his job I appreciate that he really is working to offer full coverage… just because we aren’t Nashville doesn’t mean that some families haven’t suffered terribly.

If you have a LaVergne hero you want to recognize, please comment below or email me at kathy (at) bobparks (dot) com.  I’d like to write a separate post at some point in the future naming names and what they did.  Whether they worked an hour or two or for days on end, we want these volunteers to know our gratitude and appreciate that they cared enough to stand up and help.

Duskin Shelly … a hometown hero!

Craig Freeman … a hometown hero!

Damien Garrett … a hometown hero!

Larry Flowers … a reporter hero (even though I was driving too slowly to the storage building and he pulled in front of me! LOL…)

And the rest of the day … and assortment of flood pictures, a worm, the damaged house, and a text book that didn’t survive.  Yes our heroes are in these pictures too.

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