Assessing Damage – The Day After

A couple of announcements from the city,

The City and Emergency Management would like to ask all citizens to please help by providing information to the assessment teams as they are in your area.  The teams are here to collect essential information, however please continue to also contact your insurance carriers as they can provide you assistance with repairs.


Mayor Ronnie Erwin has announced that the City has setup an Emergency Assistance Number 355-3000. This number will be staffed by City employees and volunteers to provided assistance citizens that need additionally aid.  This number is not to take the place of the standard non-emergency number 793-7744 or 911.  Those numbers are still fully available to citizens.

Also the City is sending around assessment teams to report back to Emergency Management on the damaged areas.  These teams will be escorted by emergency services personnel.  Please help by providing information to these teams as they are in your area.

The City is here to assist it citizens any way it can, said Mayor Ronnie Erwin.

I have to say that the city emergency workers – whether they work as police officers, fire fighters, in the water department, and all other areas – worked tirelessly through the weekend.  Our sincere appreciation goes to them and hopefully they’ll be able to catch up on some sleep soon!

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