Friday News & Open Thread

These past two weeks have certainly been nothing short of interesting here in La Vergne (I put the space there especially for Angie!).  We’ve had some good news, bad news, and really bad news.  Here are the latest news links.

Judge says NO to quarry DNJ article

Injunction denied via Channel 4

New HR director departure DNJ article

The really bad news is – of course – about Amanda Dintelman and her traumatic injury.  Her family commented on our site that they really appreciate the prayers and support they are getting from our community, so please – again – remember Amanda, her family, her friends, as well as Christy Montes for how cloudy her future must seem right now.  I so want to hear good news about both young women… am hoping that there will be no permanent injury for Amanda and that she makes a full recovery.  Am also hoping that Christy will be able to find peace and that her future will be full of hope.

That said… let’s open the comments.  Any plans this weekend? Who’s applying for the HR job with LaV?  Think the quarry will ever have to pay their water and sewer bill?

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