Work Stopped at Quarry

The city of LaVergne took action today and ordered mining work to stop at the quarry operating in violation of the city’s zoning ordinances.  According to the DNJ,

Erwin said he and Chief Codes Inspector Derek Beard visited the site Thursday morning and informed the site supervisor that the activity was no longer permissible.  “He complied immediately and stopped work,” the mayor said.

The property is owned by Roy Waldron, cousin of Alderman Dennis Waldron.  The company had been hired to grade the site by in 2000, Erwin said, but did not know how the owner planned to use it.

The business will appeal in court to reopen, so we’ll eventually learn what side of the issue the law lands upon.  From WKRN,

Since the stop work order was posted, Erwin said Duggin Construction’s attorney has filed paperwork asking the company be allowed to temporarily continue work while the zoning issues are worked out.

Now if we can just get the sign ordinances enforced!

Photo from WKRN.

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