We Are LaVergne: New Feature Coming

I’ve talked for some time how I’d like to start writing about the people of our community.  In addition to our public officials, the well-to-do, the family of long-time residents, and those who make bad news, there are about 26,900 MORE residents of our town and I think it’s time we get to know each other.

Of course I’ll never be able to talk to everyone, but through We Are LaVergne, I hope to capture the heart and soul of our town.  Who are your neighbors?  What are they like?  What do they like about the city?  Do they have concerns? Ideas? Opinions?

If you have any suggestions about who I should talk with to feature, please let me know. What can you expect?  I’m not mean so I don’t want or intend to make anyone look bad.  I’ll just ask some questions, take notes, laugh, and enjoy the conversation.  I will want to take a picture to use for the “article” (aka post, feature, write-up).  I will want you/ them to sign a release giving me permission to write about them and use the picture.

What can you not expect? Do not expect to preview the piece prior to publication. I reserve all rights to write, edit, and publish as I see fit.  If you’re charming, everyone will want to be around you when the piece is done.  If you’re a jerk, I just won’t write about you at all.   If you’re a little boring, I’ll try to make you look good.  If you’re smart, you might scare some people but overall being smart is a good thing and I’ll really enjoy talking with you.  If you’re not too smart but still charming, I’ll still enjoy talking with you.

What do you say, LaVergne?  Anyone want to recommend people for me to talk with?  Anyone want to be featured?  If you’d like, you can text me at 615-491-2161, call me at the same number, or email me at kathy@bobparks.com.

Stay tuned for our first neighbor coming soon…

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