We Are LaVergne: Leanne Welsh

As you drive down a certain street in LaVergne, you might notice a house  where neighborhood kids are piled on a big swing in the front yard.  The kids are there for a reason – they’re waiting for their LeeLee to get home so she can bake them cookies, read books, or to just sit on the swing and visit.

LeeLee is Leanne Welsh, a 9-year resident of LaVergne.  Leanne has a big heart when it comes to her family, friends, and neighbors and she generously shares her life with them.  Her compassion expands beyond her own block in the sprawling subdivision of Lake Forest, though.  Her willingness to help people extends to the entire community.

Leanne believes Lake Forest residents are hungry for community events.  She has an idea that she hopes could become a reality some day – for the owner of the land at the corner of Stones River Road and Lake Forest Drive to bush-hog or mow the area, and allow the town’s residents to use it every two or three months for a community yard sale.  Leanne suggests that no fees be charged for booth rental and for people who participate to handle their own set-up.

Because parking could be an issue, Leanne suggests that on the days the yard sale is held, parking could be allowed along the Hurricane Creek boat ramp road, in the day-care parking lot, or that some street parking be allowed in specific areas through special permission from the city and monitored by the city police.

Her idea would be a great way to build positive relationships because people could get to know each other more easily.  It would come as no surprise to Leanne that many friendships could be created because even after 9 years in a neighborhood that is often portrayed negatively, she’s never experienced any problems.

“I hear people talking bad about the neighborhood but I don’t see it,” said Leanne about Lake Forest.  “I have great neighbors.  Everyone is friendly.   We all come out and talk all the time.”

An animal lover, Leanne has three dogs:  Angel, an 8-year old American Eskimo her mom gave her before she passed away; LilBit, a 12-year old toy poodle who’s blind and – sadly – has breast cancer; and Sassy, a 2-year old Jack Russel wire-haired terrier mix that lives up to her name and is “dog-gone-cute!”.   Punkin and Baby are the two most important cats in Leanne’s life who love playing with wadded up tissue paper – especially when tossed in a big paper grocery bag.

When she’s not spending time at home with her pets, Leanne works as a Senior Mortgage Specialist at American First Financial Services, LLC.  Part of her job as a lender is to help people figure out how they can buy, refinance, or improve their credit scores.  Where countless people left the mortgage industry in the last two years, Leanne’s lifelong finance experience (15-years in home loans) has provided her with the knowledge to remain in the business.

Specializing in one-on-one credit counseling, Leanne sticks with them until they’re able to buy a home.  She is also able to quickly help eligible buyers obtain loans or refinance.  I asked Leanne what kind of advice she has for buyers looking at the April 30th deadline for the *Federal tax credit of $8,000 for first time home-buyers and $6500 for existing homeowners and she said,

“You don’t have to CLOSE at the end of April, you just have to be under contract.  You have to close before the end of June.”  Leanne added, “A lot of people have the misconception that you need a lot of money to buy.  But there still are 100 percent financing loans available through THDA.”

Where FHA loans require buyers to have 3.5% to put down, THDA offer grants of up to 4%.  You can use 3.5% toward the down payment, and apply the of .5% for other costs.  If you want to know more about getting a home loan, Leanne welcomes people to contact her for a no-obligation pre-qualification.  You can call her at one of the phone numbers below.

Or you can drive through Lake Forest subdivision until you spot her outside on the swing talking with her neighbors or see her playing with Sassy, the dog-gone cute pup that also has a passion for chasing balls.

Here’s how to reach Leanne Welsh:
Phone: 213-0791 or 838-1881
Email: LMWelsh13@comcast.net
NMLS #20094

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