Board Meeting Held on Tuesday

I finally got to attend a full-blown board meeting at City Hall which was preceded by a Public Hearing about the zoning overlays essentially upgrading the building requirements in certain areas.  Click on these PDF files to read more about that.

South Waldron Overlay District

Murfreesboro-Waldron Road Streetscape District

First I applaud Alderman Jerry Gann and City Planner Grant Green – and all the other people involved (sorry I don’t have names) – for making this huge effort.  It’s a good step.  Ultimately, the measures have not yet passed so they can be refined more, but expect it to be back on the table at the next meeting.

The ordinance to allow a rock quarry or mining businesses in an I-2 zone was denied.  Quarrying and mining is already in the city’s I-3 zoning and was put there in 1997.  The I-3 ordinance is currently being studied in order to further strengthen requirements.  If you have questions about it, contact any of our city elected official, including Mayor Erwin at 394-2821 or Senna Mosley at 793-2469.

A measure to prohibit smoking in any city vehicle was brought forward.  It included a smoking ban on any city premises.  However, the measure also stated that smokers were allowed in areas where ash trays were provided, so ultimately the resolution contradicted itself.  It will probably be reworked for clarification.

I think the most touching part of the meeting was when the Mayor and members of the Board of Aldermen honored Ray Pierce who had returned from Iraq.  The entire room gave him a standing ovation when he received a certificate of appreciation from the city.  I hope he knows how much we appreciate his sacrifices and service to this country.

The other gratitude I want to express is to the new reserve officers who attended the meeting briefly.  They left early in order to give a Boy Scout troop their seats, but here’s a photo of some of our men in uniform.

The most exciting part was seeing the big attendance by people speaking against the rock quarry, along with news cameras from Channel 5 and Channel 4.  Here are pictures I took during that part of the meeting…

Finally, when the departments gave their reports at the start of the meeting I took some notes that were of interest – at least to me…

  • The police department answered 3122 calls in March and issued 1783 citations
  • Codes issued 13 single family home permits and received calls/complaints about 13 junk cars, 1 tall grass, and 44 calls complaining about debris in yards.  (I hope these are correct … I wrote them on my phone “note” feature. They should at least be close…)
  • From finance, revenues exceed expenditures except for the water department which is $1.1 million in the red.  (I nearly choked when I heard that but it was explained this is due to the Nashville charging cities more and “catching up” on back fees)
  • Sales tax is down from projected
  • Average census return is 60 percent… LaVergne is already at 56 percent (which again I thought was a big number)  go to to verify!

If anyone has anything else to add to this, please speak up!  And again sorry if my numbers are off a little – I’m not a reporter and plan to stick to real estate!

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