I Almost Cussed… and LOUD

Evil Wasp

Remember our post a couple of years ago about the giant mosquitoes (aka crane flies)?  I have another insect gripe this year…


I have been stung TWICE in the last 6 days by wasps and thankfully no really foul four-letter words came out of my mouth (though I assuredly screamed them in my brain).   The first time a red wasp nailed my pinky finger when I opened a storm door to show a home in Smyrna.  The second time I was listing a house and the one and only wasp inside (pictured on the right) nailed me on my ring finger.

Ironically, there was very little swelling with the first one, but the second one was bad enough that I had to move my wedding ring to my other hand.  A nurse friend said if you get stung enough that you can develop a sensitivity to the stings and get worse and worse each time.

Is it just me and my sweetness this year *cough* or are the wasps worse than years past?  UGH!


By the way, I have photos from last night’s Board of Aldermen meeting.  Will post some meeting info when time permits… interesting stuff.

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