Important Public Hearing on City’s Overlay Districts

I received this notice from the city planner recently and feel it’s VERY IMPORTANT for citizens to attend this public hearing.  Scheduled on Tuesday, April 6th at 6:30 p.m., the hearing will be at City Hall located at 5093 Murfreesboro Road in LaVergne.

City Planner Grant Green said,

Single family homes and anything that has already been approved are not included – they will still have the current requirements. These districts are up for 2nd and final reading on April 6th. The first reading passed unanimously.

This is something we really want the public and property owners to be aware of, as it will affect any new construction or major additions done within these areas. Brick, stone, or stucco will required for a majority of the building exteriors, and underground utilities and decorative streetlights will be required. We are running a public notice on Channel 3, and several of us in our building have put in a lot of time sending out public notices to approximately 400 commercial and industrial property owners, as well as property along main routes.

Here is the public notice.

The City of La Vergne will be holding a Public Hearing regarding two proposed ordinances to create overlay districts. The WaldronMurfreesboro Road Streetscape District is proposed to cover the parcels along and near Waldron and Murfreesboro Roads. Properties having commercial and industrial uses and zoning will have increased design standards when 1) a new structure is built (excluding accessory structures); or 2) there is a 50% or greater addition to an existing structure (e.g. adding 10,000 square feet to an existing 20,000 square foot building).

The South Waldron Overlay District is proposed to cover the majority of the parcels south of I-24. This district has all the same requirements. Multi-family residential (condos, townhomes, apartments, etc.) will also be required to follow these increased standards for development. Single family residential structures are excluded.

Within these overlay districts, new development or the stated major additions will be required to have exteriors comprised of 75% brick, stone, andor stucco. In addition, decorative streetlights and underground utilities must be installed.

For commercial developments that include approved pedestrian malls and public squares, a road impact fee credit of up to 75% may be requested. This is intended to act as an incentive to encourage pedestrian-friendly commercial growth that lessens the impact on local traffic.

The meeting will be held at City Hall, located at 5093 Murfreesboro Road, La Vergne, Tennessee, on Tuesday, April 6th. The public hearing will begin at approximately
6:30 p.m.

This notice is being sent to you as a property owner within one of the two districts to include you in the planning process. Although you are not required to attend, this meeting and the public hearing are the public’s opportunity to voice their opinion regarding this rezoning request. Any concerns or questions regarding the proposed ordinances should be emailed to in order to be added to the public record.

Underground utilities are a HUGE benefit to neighborhoods, just as brick and stone exteriors would be.  There have been concerns about the use of stucco in the past – usually because of bad installation – but when done correctly it’s one of the oldest ways to cover a dwelling (think the pyramids and structures in South and Central America).

I (hopefully) have attached the PDF files of the overlay here.  You should be able to click the links to open and save to review on your own computer.

Murfreesboro-Waldron Road Streetscape District

South Waldron Overlay District

Try to come to the meeting if you can.  It’s a very big deal!!

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