Waldron Elementary Needs New Playground

Roy Waldron Elementary School holds a dear place in my heart.  I served as PTO president when my youngest daughter attended back oh-so-many years ago.  I still feel a sense of pride that we were able to raise the money to build a fence around the playground because it gave me the heebie-jeebies that kids were playing right next to the street without that added protection.

The school needs our help again.  Here’s what I received from Angie Mayes today,

Please help Roy Waldron School receive a $25,000 grant from Pepsi to build a playground. Go to http://www.rws.rcs.k12.tn.us/.  On the right side of our web page, click on Roy Waldron’s Playground.  Follow the directions from there, and vote for our playground.

We are currently #59 and must climb to the top ten to get the grant. There are only 24 days left to vote. You may vote one time per day on each IP address available to you.  We have had difficulty getting registered here at our school, but have been successful when registering from a home computer. Registration is free. Once you have registered and entered a password, you do not have to reregister each time you vote. Please help us get to the top ten.

Tell everyone you know to help us out by voting every day. Thank You! Roy Waldron School

Contact Dr. Pewitt at the school for more information. 793-7738.

Again, visit the school website here and click on the Pepsi Grant info at the right hand side to register.  THANK YOU!

6 comments for “Waldron Elementary Needs New Playground

  1. michaelinLV
    March 19, 2010 at 11:33 am

    I hate registering and giving people my email address. There is a facebook link; I'll try that. Hopefuly I won't get wall updates from Pepsi every day. I'm really more of a Coca-Cola guy anyway!

    • Sherry
      March 19, 2010 at 6:04 pm

      Just an FYI . . . I keep a separate yahoo e-mail account for things like this and just glance thru it every week or two. If I know I'm going to get massive amounts of marketing junk, I don't want it mixed in with my regular e-mail account.

  2. michaelinLV
    March 19, 2010 at 11:37 am

    Just curious though, why are they needing $25,000 to build a playground just for second graders? And I really don't understand why that school is still overcrowded since RCS opened the new elementary school up the road.

    My personal opinion is that RCS should bulldoze Roy Waldron and LV Primary and build the new high school that was planned a few years back. It seems silly to me to have 3 elementary schools right next to each other, they should build a new elementary school off Fergus Road since that's the area currently zoned for LV Primary and Roy Waldron.

    • Ivy
      March 23, 2010 at 7:55 am

      I don't know why for sure, not working at Roy Waldron, but I can guess. First, the playground we already have sucks. The school was, for the longest time, a junior high, so they never put any money into the playground so what's there is antiquated and there's not much of it.

      As far as being only for second graders, my guess is that they're wanting to be able to schedule the older kids to be out at the same time as the second graders and since this is a 2-5th grade school, I guess the idea of 5th graders interacting with 2nd graders is scary to some parents. Or something.

      Or, it could be that the second grade teachers are the one that are heading this and that's why it says "second grade". Who knows.

      It does seem silly to have that many elementary schools, and I do like your idea of putting the new elementary over closer to the area it serves. However, that seems like an awful waste of resources- the buildings are (generally) fine, other than some age related problems.

  3. Jennifer
    March 19, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    Thought this was interesting

    • michaelinLV
      March 19, 2010 at 9:36 pm

      Thanks for the link Jennifer.

      I don't understand, is Mayor Erwin's grief with the property assesor's office? If property values are only down 10% in LFE it will be a miracle. All the property assesor can do is take recent sales from similar houses and create an assesment. It's not a process that lends itself to any type of discrimination. Fact is that a home for sale in LFE is a tough sale and it will be as long as there is a perceptionm of crime. And it doesn't help that so many houses have been negelcted to the point they look old and run down.

      The only person Mayor Erwin has to blame for falling values in LFE is himself and every member of the M/A board over the past 20 years who have failed the homeowners in that subdivision. By not controlling the growth and developement, they've created a mess that nobody knows how to fix. I've said many times there is a simple fix – simply beef up the codes and add codes enforcement officers, the city can establish covenants on LFE similar to what you would have with a HOA, and that would eliminate a lot of the yard parking, gravele front yards, moldy siding and many of the other things that make LFE look like complete garbage.

      As far as the homeowners are concerned, they should be thrilled because this means their property taxes will actually go down. So many of those houses over there are rentals now anyway, so it's not like the owners actually stand to make more profit. The market values are what they are, the assesment is merely a method of determining taxes.

      I bought my house in 2005 and in 2006 it was assesed for $10,000 less than I paid. You think I cared? No way! For one, that kept my tax bill lower. For another, a similar house directly across the street from mine sold that same year for $30,000 more than I paid for my house, so dont' put too much stock into the assesment process.

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