1989 is the Year

I have been working a LOT lately at the Sommet Center Bridgestone Arena to raise money to pay for baton expenses for my daughter.  The food vendor allows non-profit groups to operate the concession stands at games and events as a fundraising activity.

To do this, we are required to have alcohol training annually to recognize signs of inebriation, what forms of photo ID are acceptable (and EVERYONE gets carded), and how to decline a customer if we feel they’ve had to much.  And then they give us a written test that must be passed before we can work.  I have a lot of respect that they’ve made every effort to train their workers because the safety of that customer AND other people should be the top priority.

That’s why I applaud our law enforcement officers throughout the nation and OUR LaVERGNE OFFICERS for taking steps to make sure alcohol is not served to minors.  I applaud them even when our favorite grocery stores and restaurants are affected, as they were yesterday.  This from Channel 4 in Nashville,

LaVergne police are cracking down on businesses that sell alcohol to teenagers. They conducted an undercover sting, where unsuspecting clerks and food servers took the bait.


And then there was the exception: A liquor store clerk did not sell liquor to the teen. The clerk took it a step further, even getting the tag number and calling police, telling them a minor was going around town trying to buy alcohol.

Thanks to our law enforcement officers who participated.  For the record, as of today the date I’m looking for when I check an ID is March 9, 1989.

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