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I wanted to provide a quick update to readers about the HobNob and This is LaVergne relationship.  You spoke, I listened.  This is LaVergne lives. I have offered to HobNob to syndicate our content because I still remain convinced that it will be a great opportunity for our local retailers to get positive information out about their food, merchandise, and services.  I believe that having an opportunity to advertise to our own community outside of the traditional print media will appeal to other retail businesses to come to our community and yes we do need retail.

After meeting last week with the HobNob staff and Mayor Erwin, along with Alderwoman Mosley and city administrator Mark Moshea, what the city is working hard to attract is a department-type anchor store.  I fully support their efforts and believe that once it’s proven that one can thrive, others will also come.

Bad Bad Ivy and I offered several other suggestions… who knows if they’ll implement any, but it gives me great hope to know our public officials are listening.  Coming away from the meeting, it’s clear that old habits are hard to break in this age of new media but the Mayor and Alderwoman definitely have their hearts in the right place.

If you can believe this, I think our greatest challenge may actually be to get them to harden their hearts a little more rather than to continue to say “Yes” to the lowest common denominator.   Wow… I feel like lightning is going to strike me now.  At the risk of sounding like a total cad, our city shouldn’t bear the full responsibility of housing and feeding everyone in middle Tennessee… that’s a job that should be shared equally among all of our communities.  But that’s another story for another time.

Meanwhile when HobNob does officially launch, I’ll let you know and encourage you to bookmark them and visit often.  I will continue to write here (and still welcome other writers!), but our posts are likely to also appear on… just know we are okay with that.  We aren’t losing anything here and will continue to support any efforts that will help LaVergne grow in a positive, dynamic, exciting way.

UPDATE:  I did add a facebook page for This is LaVergne.  It’s right here… come on over!

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