DNJ Editorial About LHS

Linking the editorial from the Daily News Journal about LaVergne High School.

We wish Daniels well as he prepares to leave La Vergne High, because It isn’t an easy place to be the principal. With a large number of low-income students, a highly transient population and movement from the Antioch area into northern Rutherford County, La Vergne High is no place for wilting violets.

In my own opinion, when you have teachers who give students ZERO for credit because they do their work in pen rather than pencil and don’t take into consideration that the actual work has been done, that’s a real disincentive for students.  It doesn’t teach math, it teaches kids to hate school, to hate math, and to not really care anymore.   There are three teachers in my family who I asked about this… all said they would’ve just taken off 10 points.  But at LHS, the kids get zeroes… thereby dropping what would’ve been a B or C to a D or F.  When we asked the teacher about this, the attitude was “Too bad.”

Overall I think there are some fantastic teachers there, but absolutely there are some bad apples.  I don’t have any specific gripes again Mr. Daniels, but I do think Mr. Ash will immediately start some housecleaning.  He’s not going to tolerate “Pants on the Ground,” bad language, kids making out at lunch, etc.  He will be out in the halls every single day and won’t put up with bad behavior.  No he’s not perfect by any means – I know his former students are moaning and groaning.  However the proof is in the pudding and if we see improvement across the board – from student behavior to teachers doing a better job (for example – if the emphasis is actually on kids being able to learn math rather than panicking and feeling defeated because they don’t have a pencil), then I’m all for it.

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