Ch Ch Ch Changes Coming to TiLaV

Just as the seasons go round and round, we are riding on the carousel of life.   Less than two weeks ago we celebrated the fourth anniversary of This is LaVergne.  This site was started with the intention of sharing information about the city, talking with neighbors, observing our government, and building community.   It’s my belief that we’ve been successful in establishing dialogue with many, ruffling feathers of others, and generating discussion among residents.

However, my hope was we could eventually expand the site to take the role of an online magazine for the city that would feature restaurant reviews, business announcements, city government news, events, and the ability for residents to also write posts, ask questions, and share their own reviews and opinions about places to go, things to do, books, movies, schools, and more. (Whew, that was a looong sentence!)   The bottom line is we need a vehicle for mass media communication in the absence of a newspaper specific to our town – something not limited by my resources and technical skills.

I mentioned in a separate post at the end of January that the HobNob folks were considering setting up shop in LaVergne and in Smyrna.  Following many conversations, I have been invited to become an administrator of, to provide content like the posts written here at This is LaVergne.  In the end, we are merging This is LaVergne with HobNobLaVergne.

What will change?

In just a few days when you go to, you will be taken to

The site, of course, will have a different design (see HobNobMurfreesboro).

YOU as a reader will have the ability to directly upload photos and videos.

YOU will be able to add events.  For example, if your church is holding an Easter Egg Hunt it can be put on the calendar. Car shows in the parking lot of a local burger place?  Find it here.  Story hour at the library? Ding! Here again!

YOU can submit your own stories for the site, in your own words. Have a gripe? Let it rip.  Want to brag about someone or something fantastic?  HobNob it.

There will be the ability for local businesses to advertise their products and services.  All businesses can sign up for the directory free of charge, but more extensive advertising will also be available.  You won’t see me as the only real estate agent hanging around anymore.  You’ll also find auto supply stores (because they’re hard to find in LaVergne), insurance agents, pharmacies, restaurants, apartments, doctors, computer repairs, towing companies, accountants, and more.   If you own or manage a business, if you’re an independent contractor (Avon? PartyLite? Pampered Chef?), or if you have a franchise you’d like to market you can contact me or the big boys at HobNob.  We can set you up.

It’ll take awhile to figure out the ins and outs of the new HobNob site.  Be patient, ask questions, explore.  I think you’ll like it.

What will not change?

Content… I’ll still be there to write news and updates.  The other writers on the site are all being invited to also continue writing.  Our stories may be filed under schools, family, pets, entertainment, restaurants, business, and more but we’ll be there talking about it all.

The more readers participate on the site, the bigger and better it will be.  We’ve proven through This is LaVergne that we are residents who speak up, participate, have opinions.  And it will take our very vocal participation to get this new venture going strong.  There are going to be HobNobs across the country, across the state, and even in our sister cities.   In the spirit of friendly competition and with all due respect, I want LaVergne’s to grow faster, bigger, better!

It’s been a long, fun four years my friends but the time has now come to grow, expand, and become what I’ve always hoped we could be… a genuine community portal allowing for full participation by everyone.

And maybe I’ll try to spell LaVergne correctly now and again (what with that space between La and Vergne).   Then again the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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