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Smyrna Bowling Center
My friend – the third shift manager of the Smyrna Bowling Center – just updated his facebook status to say they are reopening tonight at 5:00 p.m.  There will be fewer lanes, of course, but hip hip hooray anyway!

Is Your Teen a Monster?
I got an email from a friend who said The World’s Strictest Parents is casting again.  This is short notice, but Producers are seeking kids ages 15-17 with real issues of teenage rebellion.  For additional information about local casting please contact Lauren S.. Love at 615.853.1062 or by email at nashvillecast@gmail.com.   Casting will end on Feb. 13th.

Commercials May be Banned?
I read in the DNJ that a bill is being revived in the Tennessee to ban those late night “Girls Gone Wild” commercials. I have mixed emotions on this… first as someone who defends the right to free speech and commerce, I disagree.  But as a parent I’m going to side with the conservatives on this one.  Pornography is defined by the standards of the local community in which you live according to federal law… and those commercials leave very little to the imagination.  If they were on a subscription channel and not airing on random TV channels, I wouldn’t have an issue with them.  But if I fall asleep watching – for example – Hollywood Minute and wake up to see two naked women making out, NO.  I have Comcast… can we set our cable preferences to block “Paid Program” or whatever they’re called?  Anyway just my opinion.

Nashville is Talking
I want to mark the passing of an incredible experiment in the marriage of new v. traditional media.  Nashville is Talking – the pioneering partnership between community blogs and the newsroom – faded to black this week following the resignation of my friend Christian Grantham (I didn’t link to it because the site has already been taken over by spam bots).  It started when the former general manager of the station hired Brittney Gilbert to find and feature blog posts from the middle Tennessee area.  Her brilliant writing both fire up emotions and positively affected many people (I have made some of my dearest life-long friends because of NiT, friends who I would have never met otherwise).  Brittney has moved on to a similar job in San Francsico and we bloggers, journalists, community rabble rousers recognize that our loss is an incredible gain for the West Coast.

Upon her departure, many people filled in but Christian formally took over the duties and combined some blog searching with news updates.  After his resignation (I’m still waiting to hear about his greener pastures and am wishing him all the best), the new general manager made the decision to pull the plug.  So my sincere thanks to Mike, Brittney, Christian, and everyone who’s ever been a guest-writer or been featured on the site.  You played a huge role in helping me discover kindred writing spirits, meeting people from all over the state, and seeing first-hand the good, bad and ugly of people’s online personas.

If Your Power Goes Out
Apparently some people who live in LaVergne don’t call the electric company when they lose power.  Instead they’ve been calling 911 or the non-emergency police number.  Don’t do this as a first-resort… those numbers should only be called in emergencies (like a power line breaks or a child or elderly is about to freeze to death, get frostbitten, etc.).  Here are the numbers you should call:

Middle Tennessee Electric: 1-877-777-9111
Nashville Electric Service: 615-234-0000

And a Word from the Mayor
Finally, got this email (you can get these announcements too by signing up on the city’s web site) from the mayor announcing new reserve police officers and a couple other items,

Mayor Ronnie Erwin announced today that the city has 10 new reserve officers, working with regular police officers.  They are: Michael Lavendar, Eric Paige, Travis Wilson, Micael Girgis, Cameron Potts, William Wright, Cody Brandon, Lee Parker, Timothy Hudgens and Matt Fracker.  The only thing the reserve officers won’t be able to do — once trained — is to patrol by themselves. They will be riding with regular officers.

Also, the Mayor wants citizens to know they are keeping an eye on the upcoming weather. Having ordered 125 tons of salt, street crews are ready to go out at a moment’s notice.    The city is also working on repairing pot holes which have been caused by recent weather. He said that the bad weather affected the roads and that crews are working diligently to get them repaired. Unfortunately, he noted, the current weather conditions are slowing us down a bit.

Have a good Thursday.  Stay warm, stay safe.

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