LMS Principal Moving to LHS

The kids are shaking in their boots at the specter of Mr. Ash moving from LaVergne Middle School to LaVergne High.  Mr. Ash was very strict at LMS so students who’ve had him are a little nervous to see if he’ll be the same when he moves to the high school next month.  According to the DNJ via school board press release, the change comes because of academic concerns,

La Vergne High Principal Melvin Daniels will be reassigned next school year because of “continued academic concerns” at the school, the school system announced Tuesday.

Daniels will be replaced by Dirk Ash, the principal of La Vergne Middle, according to a school system press release.

Rutherford County Schools Director Harry Gill Jr. also announced Tuesday that Sandra Eaton will lead new Oakland Middle; Avy Seymore will head new Whitworth-Buchanan; and Central Middle Principal Cary Holman will become the principal at La Vergne Middle in August.

This will be an interesting few months for students and faculty alike!

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