The Drive-About – Some of Our Roads

Overall the main roads are definitely passable.  The secondary roads are passable as well, but with night falling (and temperatures too as a result) I’d STAY HOME tonight.  The roads started making the crunchy noise you get on ice as we made curves where the sun had already set.  Be careful out there.  And no school tomorrow for Rutherford county (woohoo!).

The pictures…

Driving up Jones Mill Road.

Turning right onto Murfreesboro Road from Fergus Road.

Post office parking lot is going to be slippery tomorrow!  At least until the sun comes out and resumes the thaw.

Now that’s a big pile of snow!

Corner of Murfreesboro Road and Stones River Road.

The weather didn’t stop New Apple from being busy!

Hmmm… trying to remember where this is… OH… heading down Stones River Road (we made a big circle from Shreibman Road by Kroger, around the round-about (aka traffic circle), and down Stones River.  That’s the Senior Center on the right.

We needed wiper fluid… I waited outside and played with my camera while husband went inside.

This is Hollandale Road near the Sand Hill Cemetery.

And driving down hill on Hollandale approaching Morningside.

That’s it.  Still no snow pictures from any of you reading this.  Not even a dumb ol’ snowman.  /grumbling

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