Chattanooga Hospital Stops Hiring Tobacco Users

This has nothing to do with LaVergne but it was such a “WOW” story that I had to link it here.  Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga has announced they will no longer hire anyone who uses tobacco or any kind of nicotine.  Here’s the link from the Daily News Journal,

Any form of nicotine will make an applicant ineligible to be hired — even nicotine gum or a patch.  The new hiring rule will not affect current employees of Memorial.  Information posted on the hospital’s Web site states testing for nicotine will be added to an already-required screening for illegal drugs and will disqualify applicants who test positive.

I used to be a smoker, but quit years and years ago.  As if the cost of cigarettes isn’t incentive enough to get people to stop smoking (which is a powerful addiction – quitting was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done), I wonder if this  will have any impact on gettng people to quit.  What do you think of the hospital’s decision?  And WOW.

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