The First Great Snowfail of the Decade

As my friend John Carney of the Shelbyville Gazette said on facebook this morning,

In southern Middle Tennessee, predictions of large snowfall amounts are the surest protection against large snowfall amounts.

Before I give you photos documenting the first great snowfail of the decade, please allow me to address the question people ask, “Why does everyone stock up on toilet paper when snow is coming?”  It’s because no one wants to be caught without it… I mean, gross… right?  And milk?  And eggs?  And bread?  And cheese?  Maybe it’s for the same reason people fill their refrigerators when the parents come to visit – it provides a sense of comfort knowing you’re well prepared.

So here are my snow day pictures.

I truly hope to update the photos later with maybe a snowflake or three.

3 comments for “The First Great Snowfail of the Decade

  1. Thelma
    January 7, 2010 at 9:17 am

    Yes, snowfail is a good name for it. It astounds me how they close the schools. Even if we had received the predicted amount of 1 inch what would be the purpose of closing schools? My husband lived in Long Island NY for a couple of years. One winter we got 24 inches and 12 of it in one day, that was the only day that closed schools. Even 5-6 inches didn't close schools. It is quite comical how people run out and buy everything on the shelves. I mean, really, it isn't like we will ever be snowed in for days around here. My kids are super disappointed! I was watching the weather last night and even to my untrained eye I said then "we are not getting snow". The radar showed it skipping us all together. Seriously do they not watch the radar themselves. It was very plain it was not coming over us. And you are right, they do this every year and we get nada, zilch, zero.

  2. Angie B
    January 7, 2010 at 10:46 am

    The main reason they close schools is because we do not have the heavy equipment they do up north to deal with snowfalls, i.e., plows and such. There is not enough snow during the winter months to justify the cost or need. Also, there are so many rural backroads, even in Davidson county that are dangerous in inclement weather.

  3. Kitti
    January 7, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Off topic: the new blacktop on western Waldron Road already has potholes. More than one pothole. It already has several. Already. It's only a month or two old.

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